Where does the brand name “No Look” come from?

  • One of the most stylish things you can do in a game of basketball is the No Look pass. We like to think our brand encompasses that feeling of style. Our logo blends the “N” in No Look, with a bounce pass, giving that fancy edgy touch.

Where did you get your sock designs?

  • Our designs represent your style of play. Since everyone has a different style of play, we felt it’s only fitting to have socks that represent all styles.

My style of game isn’t represented. What’s with that?

  • What’s your style? We want to know! If there’s enough demand we will consider that when releasing new lines! Tell us at info@nolooksocks.com, or tweet us at @NoLookSocks

What’s the best way to wash a No Look sock?

  • For the best results, machine washable with cool or warm water (below 104F). Tumble dry on low. No ironing and no fabric softeners.

How should I choose which sock to buy?

  • Ideally you’ll want an entire wardrobe full of our socks, but if you only want one pair to start, we suggest checking out the different styles and pick what’s best for you.

Do you guys offer any promotions?

  • Absolutely. Look out for Twitter and Instagram promotions. We run multiple promotions throughout the year.

Will your socks fit my feet?

  • Our socks will fit feet between sizes 8-14 (M).

How long does shipping take?

  • Expect socks to deliver in 3-5 business days.

If I have an issue, how can I reach you?

  • Email us at info@nolooksocks.com, Tweet us at @NoLookSocks, or follow us on Facebook.

What’s the returns/exchange policy?

  • Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for any returns. We wouldn’t want to send anyone a pair of socks that have been worn before.

I want to partner/work with No Look! How do I get in touch?

  • You can reach us at info@nolooksocks.com with any business inquiries.